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Rehab Path began with India and spread to the world so people could find the help they need.

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We consider it a huge privilege to help people from many countries find hope and help.

Problems we identified

1. The number of addicts in India is staggering: There are close to 75 million drug addicts in India. There are many more addicted to alcohol.

2. Treatment facilities were incredibly difficult to find: We discovered that the only ways to find deaddiction centres was through the phone book, online Yellow Pages, and government pages that were incredibly difficult to use.

How we helped solve
the problems

Step 1: Customer Research

The United States addiction treatment market is flourishing and is difficult to compete in. India had no existing treatment databases. We didn’t just want to move to a dry market so we could succeed. We saw the needs of the people and had some ideas we thought could help them. They were looking for treatment and we had the capacity to make it much easier for them to find help.

Why "DeAddiction" and not "rehab"?

Rehab is a great word, but you won't find it in India. The treatment market is widely referred to as deaddiction.

How Indians were trying to find deaddiction centres:

Unusable government websites

Sparse private directories

Step 2: Brand Creation

We formed to tackle the treatment need in India first.


DeAddiction Lotus Logo

The lotus is a sacred flower to the Indian people. Its bud symbolizes potential, and its flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, clarity of heart and mind, and healing. We decided that would be a place where people find the healing and awakening that their addiction had taken from them.

Color Palette

The national colors of India represent bold virtues. We wanted to restore those virtues by helping people find the hope and dignity they needed to be courageous, sacrificial, honest, and prosperous.

DeAddiction color palette

DeAddiction color palette

DeAddiction color palette

Step 3: Compile a Database

We started by scouring the web for existing listings of Indian rehab centres. Our initial database was a few hundred centres that we found through existing centre websites, yellow page directories, and government websites. As DeAddictionCentres.IN grew, centre owners began submitting their centres to our site for us to list them. We currently have over 700 centres in 215 cities across India.

Step 4: Design and Develop

Our first goal was to simply get the information out there. As we developed the site we implemented the design and navigation we needed to make the experience what it is today. As we grow, we plan to develop the technology behind DeaddictionCentres.IN even more to create the best experience possible.

The new way for Indians to find deaddiction centres

deaddiction centre website

Step 5: Dominate SEO

In order for people to find help we needed to focus on being found. We focused on SEO best practices, and most imporantly we made our pages the most relevant and helpful result for people looking for treatment in particular states and cities. Our pages (particularly our city and state pages) quickly began ranking very well for relevant search terms. At this point, if someone in India is searching online for drug or alcohol treatment we can almost guarantee they will come across our site.

Step 6: Foster Social Communities

Through social media, we are able to encourage thousands of people as they continue down the long but rewarding path toward recovery. Our Facebook page is India’s largest recovery centered page and our Twitter account reaches thousands.

Global Expansion

Based on the experience we gained with DeAddictionCentres.IN, we realized this could be extended to help people find rehab worldwide. This led to the development of

Step 1: Brand Creation

We wanted a sleek luxury brand driven by the beautiful images of each center and location. The brand is minimal and gives most of the focus to the centers that list with us.


We wanted the logo to be a simple representation of a simple brand mission. Help people find luxury rehab in __________.

Luxury Rehab Logo

Step 2: Find the best centers

We searched for the 50 best centers around the world, and collected information on them such as location, specializations, treatment philosophy, activities, amenities, setting, price, and aftercare options. This information would allow users to sort and compare in order to find the one that’s right for them.

Step 3: Design and Develop

We wanted to develop a site that would allow people to find a rehab that perfectly fits their needs. Recovery is very hard, and if a client can afford to begin their recovery in a beautiful place that is very comfortable for them, we want to help make that happen.

One of the keys to making that happen was taking the information we had collected and making it easy for users to choose centers based on it. Users can narrow down their search to find the exact centre that meets their needs.

The International Rehab Path Team

Ben Camp

Senior Marketing Strategist

Jeremiah Calvino

Ceo & Founder

Dan Leach


Marc Tanis

Senior Developer

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